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  • SNT-503 anti-corrosion materials at room temperature

    SNT-503 anti-corrosi

    SNT-503 room temperature anti-corrosion coating, used in harsh corrosion environment, the working t
  • SNT-991 heat exchanger anti-corrosion materials

    SNT-991 heat exchang

    Anti - corrosion coating of SNT-991 heat exchanger and its technical processSNT-991 equipment anti-c
  • SNT-801 Small particles Wear-resistant coating

    SNT-801 Small partic

    SNT-801 small particle wear-resistant coating is spherical small particles of ceramic and other fil
  • SNT-990 Equipment Anticorrosive Coatings

    SNT-990 Equipment An

    Equipment anticorrosive SNT-990 coating performance indicatorsSNT-990 (with / SHY-99 / LX-06 / TW-99
  • SNT-993 equipment anti-corrosion coating

    SNT-993 equipment an

    SNT-993 carbon steel water cooler equipment for anti-corrosion coatingAt present, China is widely us
  • Electroless nickel plating

    Electroless nickel p

    High-performance nickel-phosphorus alloy electroless plating process is a rapid development in rece
  • Nickel phosphorus plating

    Nickel phosphorus pl

    Nickel-phosphorus alloy plating:The new alloy plating is my company and a professional R & D ce

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  Zibo Schneider Anticorrosive Technology Co., Ltd., located in Zibo, a chemical city in China, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in all kinds of heavy anti-corrosion coating materials, energy-saving materials, wear-resistant coating materials, adhesives and repair agents. The company set technology research and development, production, sales and engineering services in one, to provide technical advice, condition analysis, site exploration, product recommendations, the use of guidance and a series of services.


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  • SNT-991 heat exchanger anti-corrosion materials
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